3 Star Hotels in Paros

Here is our accommodation range of 3 star hotels in Paros, in the Cyclades island group.
Paros has a rich history, encapsulated by famous monuments from the lands ancient and medieval past.

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 ASTERAS PARADISE Hotel, Asteras, Paros. Cat B'
Asteras Paradise, Isterni, Paros
Located 5km from Naoussa, on the way to Golden Beach, Asteras Paradise is a newly built complex tastefully built according to the architectural style of Paros. The grounds with its large swimming pool, is planted with trees and bushes and offers a lot of space.
 CONTARATOS BEACH Hotel, Naoussa, Paros. Cat B'
Contaratos Beach Hotel, Naoussa, Paros.
The Contaratos Beach Hotel is a beach hotel that is located within walking distance from the center of Naoussa, the most charming fishing village on Paros. The sandy beach that the hotel grounds are almost directly on is called Aghi Anargiri, and the large swimming pool and pool bar of the Contaratos Beach Hotel have been built with a view of this beach.
 KALYPSO Hotel & Apartments, Naoussa, Paros.  Cat B'
Kalypso Hotel, Naoussa, Paros.
The Kalypso Hotel & Apartments on Paros is a charming B' class (3 stars) property located within 10 minutes walking distance from the old harbor and center of Naoussa village. The Kalypso hotel complex consists of two separate buildings, with the main hotel building positioned directly on Aghi Anarghyri beach, while its self catering units are just 450 meters away.
 KANALE'S Rooms & Suites, Naoussa, Paros. Cat B'
Kanale's Suites, Naoussa, Paros.
The Kanale's Rooms & Suites complex is one of Naoussa's most attractive B' class hotels. It is located only a short walk away (7 minutes) from the heart of Naoussa village and only 70 meters from the sandy beach of Piperi.
 PANDROSSOS Hotel, Parikia town, Paros.  Cat B'
Pandrossos Hotel, Parikia, Paros
The Pandrossos Hotel was built in 1987, a B' category, 3 star hotel which has a wonderful view of the sea and an exceptional sunset. Located only a 100 meters (110 yards) from the beach, the Pandrossos hotel is also very near to the market, the main port of Paros, plus the taxi and bus depot.
 PANORAMA Hotel, Parikia town, Paros.  Cat B'
Panorama Hotel, Parikia, Paros
The B' class Panorama Hotel is located 850 meters from the center of Parikia and the main port. The hotel was fully renovated in 2009. The nearest sandy beach, shops and restaurants are just 550 meters away.
 PARIAN BOUTIQUE Hotel, Naoussa, Paros. Cat B'
Parian Boutique Hotel, Naoussa, Paros.
At the entrance of the bay of Agioi Anargyroi in the enchanting Naoussa of Paros and only 40 meters from the sea, the 3-star Parian Boutique Hotel is located. The hotel is a short walk from the center of Naoussa where the heart of the cosmopolitan island with the traditional taverns, the famous cafes and the active local nightlife, beats.