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Mykonos Town, Mykonos

Without a doubt Mykonos is the most lively and cosmopolitan island in the Greek Cyclades.
All these apartment units and hotels in Mykonos are situated in or around the town and it's nightlife.
For something more peaceful you can visit our selection of Mykonos hotels NEAR THE BEACH

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 AEGEAN Hotel, Tagoo area, Mykonos town.  Cat C'
Aegean Hotel, Tagoo area, Mykonos town.
The Aegean Hotel is located in the Tagoo area, 500 meters (550 yards) from the center of Mykonos and 3.5km (2¼ miles) from Mykonos airport. This is a well run C-Category hotel that has recently undergone a renovation during which the number of rooms were decreased from 50 to its present 30, all of which have splendid sea views.
 AEOLOS Hotel, Argyrena, Mykonos town.  Cat C'
Aeolos Hotel, Argyrena, Mykonos town.
On the well known island of Mykonos you will find the Aeolos Hotel. Newly built and consisting of 28 very tastefully furnished modern double rooms with satellite TV, radio, air-conditioning, toilets shower or bathtub, safe, hair drier, as well as refrigerator plus balconies that offer a great view of the sunset.
 ANASTASSIOS SEVASTI Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat B'
Anastassios Sevasti Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat B'
The B' class, Anastasios Sevasti Hotel is found in the town of Mykonos, 2 minutes for the center of the town. Constructed in 1985 and renovated in 2000, the Anastasios Sevasti hotel has 41 rooms and 1 suite. Built in a quiet area, the Anastasios Sevasti was designed in traditional Mykonian architecture with a view of the famous Aegean Sea and the town of Mykonos.
 ANDROMEDA Apartments, Mykonos town.
Andromeda Apartments, Mykonos town.
Situated in an excellent location, the Andromeda Apartments are only 100 meters (110 yards) from Mykonos town center and its famous alleyways. It offers the best possible accommodation in Mykonos, combining cosmopolitan atmosphere and tranquility.
 BELVEDERE Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
Belvedere Hotel, Mykonos town.'
The Belvedere Hotel is a new five star hotel that combines warm and friendly service with modern luxury and spectacular views, right in the heart of Mykonos. The unique Cycladic architecture and the magnificent view of the picturesque city and the Aegean Sea promises its customers an unforgettable stay.
 CAVO TAGOO Hotel, Tagoo area, Mykonos town.  Cat Lux'
Cavo Tagoo Hotel, Tagoo area, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
Cavo Tagoo sits nested in a converted quarry overlooking the deep blue Aegean Sea, with Delos Island, birthplace of Apollo, in the distance. Designed with meticulous respect for breathtaking natural surroundings, Cavo Tagoo embodies the beauty of authentic Mykonian architecture. Only 10 minutes walking distance from Mykonos Town (700m).
 HARMONY Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
Harmony Hotel, Mykonos Town, Mykonos
The Harmony Hotel is one of the most recent jewels of Mykonos island, an exclusive hotel that portrays authentic Mykonian architecture. With a combination of balanced colors and traditional style it results in a harmonious setting of impeccable beauty that creates a relaxing atmosphere.
 ILIO MARIS Hotel, Despotika, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
Iliomaris Hotel, Despotika, Mykonos town.  Cat B'
The Ilio Maris Hotel was built in the traditional style of Mykonos by the well known architect Chris Chronopoulos and is situated in the town of Mykonos facing the famous windmills. It was fully renovated in 2010 (under the eye of the well known artist Zannis Koukas) and it is now a 4-star hotel (A class).
 LETO Apartments, Mykonos town.
Leto Apartments, Mykonos town.
Located centrally in Mykonos town near the small harbour beach, Leto Apartments were built in 1992 as an addition to the Leto Hotel next door. The accommodation at Leto Apartments comprises of 4 studios and 3 apartments with a style that traditionally belongs to Mykonos.
 LETO Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
Leto Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
The Leto Hotel is conveniently located in the center of Mykonos, and offers first class services, facilities and amenities. The property was completely renovated and redecorated in 1997. The Leto Hotel is built in the neo-classical style and consists of 25 tastefully furnished rooms all of which have a balcony overlooking the port of Mykonos and the enchanting Aegean Sea beyond.
 MADALENA Hotel, Tagoo area, Mykonos town.  Cat B'
Madalena Hotel , Mykonos Town, Mykonos
The Madalena Hotel is a small authentic Mykonian hotel located right in the Mykonos Town, just above the old port and only a block away from the city center (approximately 280 meters). Situated in an excellent spot with a fantastic view of the Aegean Sea, the town of Mykonos and the neighbouring islands, it offers easy access to nightlife venues.
 MYKONOS VIEW Apartments, Mykonos town.
Mykonos View Apartments, Mykonos town.
On the slopes of a hill looking down on the fashionable main town of Mykonos and the sea beyond, Mykonos View Apartments awaits you, conjuring up images of the days gone by. As you approach, you'll have the dream-like impression that a stone fortress and a traditional village are rising up through the music of sounds and colours composed by land and sea.
 NEW AEOLOS Hotel, Argyrena, Mykonos town.  Cat B'
New Aeolos Hotel, Argyrena, Mykonos town.  Cat B'
The B class, New Aeolos Hotel is newly built and consists of 30 very tastefully furnished, modern double rooms with satellite TV, telephone, radio, air-conditioning, toilets shower or bathtub, safe, hair drier, as well as refrigerator.
 OSTRACO SUITES Hotel, Drafaki, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
Ostraco Suites Hotel, Drafaki, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
Ostraco Suites is a stylish, family owned, resort of 24 double rooms and suites ideally located close to Mykonos town atop a hill in an area of 6.000m2 offering a spectacular view of the Aegean Sea.
 PETASOS TOWN Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat B'
Petasos Town Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat B'
The Petasos Town Hotel, built in the traditional style of Mykonos and recently renovated, the Petasos Town Hotel is exceptionally situated in the center of Mykonos, one of the town's most privileged spots. Ideal for those who want to combine their vacations with the well known nightlife of Mykonos.
 PORTO MYKONOS Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
Porto Mykonos Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
The Porto Mykonos Hotel has always been a favorite place to stay in Mykonos due to its position at the entrance of the town. Now with a wonderful pool, it is a highly desirable spot to spend your vacation.
 RANIA Apartments, Mykonos town.
Rania Apartments, Mykonos Town, Mykonos
Rania Apartments is a tailor made complex that follows the traditional style of Cycladic architecture and is considered to be the ideal choice for your accommodation if you decide to visit the island of Mykonos for your holidays.
 SEMELI Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
Semeli Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
The Semeli Hotel is one of Mykonos' most charming and luxurious 4 star hotels, beautiful architecture combined with artistic grounds have created an oasis in the heart of the bustling Mykonos town.
 SOFIA Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat T'
Sofia Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat T'
The Sofia Hotel is a small, comfortable pension, built with special care, offering a pleasant stay and answering all the expectations of a traveler in the Cyclades. The Sofia Hotel is built on the outskirts of Mykonos town, in the area known as the Fine Arts School, 400 meters from the town.
 THARROE of MYKONOS Hotel, Angelika, Mykonos town.  Cat Lux'
Tharroe of Mykonos Hotel, Angelika, Mykonos town.  Cat Lux'
The dazzling location on the top of a small hill, offering a panoramic view of the Aegean sea and breathtaking sunsets, but still only 800 meters from the town center, makes the Tharroe of Mykonos Hotel a cool heaven of relaxation in one of Greece most vibrant islands.
 VENCIA Boutique Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat A'
Vencia Hotel, Mykonos town.  Cat C'
Your stay in Mykonos will be a wonderful experience in the relaxing and warm atmosphere of Vencia Boutique Hotel, a 4–star boutique hotel. The hotel's 22 years of experience in the provision of high quality services guarantee the satisfaction of all tastes and preferences. Vencia Boutique Hotel, has been recently renovated and refurbished.
 VILLA KONSTANTIN Apartments, Tagoo area, Mykonos town.
Villa konstantin Apartments, Tagoo area, Mykonos town.
The Villa Konstantin complex of studios and apartments were built to a charming traditional Cycladic style in 1988 and have had many improvements over the years including the addition of new studios in 2000.